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Ship info
Ship: Otac Nikola

Flag: Croatian
Nationality of Officers:Croatian
Number of Crew: 5
Passenger Capacity: 32
Engine: AIFO 400HP
Length:28 m
Beam:7,2 m
Draft:2,40 m

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Island hopping by bike

Dubrovnik, Mljet, Jelsa, Makarska, Korcula and Slano aboard Otac Nikola

Spend a week island hopping around the most spectacular coastline.
Swim in crystal clear water of picturesque bays. Discover tiny islands and secluded coves.
Highest altitude: 100 m.
Total activity distance: 119 km
Total activity time: 23 hours

Welcome to Dubrovnik and aboard Mali Ante where our Captain and the crew will warmly welcome you ! With its famous Old Town core Dubrovnik is one of the most attractive cities in the Mediterranean. Overnight stay in Dubrovnik.
Meals onboard: Dinner

Experience the unique natural beauty of the Konavle region. Throughout centuries region of Konavle has managed to maintain a traditional countrytype of living along with many chapels, cloisters, and summer houses that once hosted the Dubrovnik's highclass lords.
Bike-tour excursion will lead you through an oasis of vineyards and olive groves, as well as villages that still reflect the traditional culture of old Dubrovnik.
Our adventure biking program will start from village of Zvekovica with macadam road towards crossroad to the village of Cilipi. Forrest of cypress trees, vineyards and olive groves decorate the paths overlooked by the magnificent mountain of Snijeznica, and fortress Soko, dating from the medevial Dubrovnik Republic. After short break and enjoyable view from tree hut on fertile Konavle valley we will cycle towards village of Ljuta.
You will have the opportunity of discovering old watermill where a local inhabitant will explain a traditional way of flour making. Enjoy a welcome with local brandy in front of the mill and snack of local delicacies. After short brake we will return to the ship. Overnight in Dubrovnik. Altitude: 50 m
Distance: 17 km
Level of difficulty: Moderate
Terrain: Asphalt, macadam
Activity time: 3,5 Hours
Transfer time: 1 Hour
Meals onboard: Breakfast and lunch

Discover the hidden island of “Honey”. Island of Mljet is located on the south of the Adriatic coast in Croatia. This beautiful island is situated south of the Peljesac peninsula from which it is divided by the Mljet channel. It was discovered by ancient Greco-Roman geographers, who wrote the first records and descriptions around 6th century BC.
Today, portions of the island are considered a National Park, including the western part of the island, the Big Lake, the Small Lake and Soline Bay.In the morning, we will sail out on a cruise from Dubrovnik to Pomena, a hidden port on the idyllic island of Mljet. For many, Mljet retains its legend from the Odyssey and other tales as one of the islands "lost“ at sea, not easily reached alone. You will have the opportunity to explore this famous historical spot.
In the afternoon our biking exploration tour will begin from port of Pomena towards entrance of the National Park Mljet. You will explore interesting deep pine forests and untouched nature with hidden paths of National park Mljet while cycling by two saltwater lakes, the most visited attractions on the island. Overnight stay in the port of Pomena.
Altitude: 30 m
Distance: 14 km
Level of difficulty: Moderate
Terrain: Asphalt, macadam
Activity time: 4 Hours
Meals onboard: Breakfast and lunch
Entry fee for Mljet National Park is not included in the price of the cruise (approx. 15 EUR per person).

Enjoy in beautiful sandy beaches and many sunshine hours on the island Hvar located on Dalmatian coast at the Adriatic. This beautiful island lies between the islands of Brac and Korcula. Hvar’s location at the center of the Adriatic sailing routes had made this island an important base for trade throughout the wider Mediterranean in the past. During the middle ages when the Venetians ruled over most of the Adriatic, Hvar was a very important harbor to them.
Today's journey takes you to the small island settlements, fields and vinyards. We will ride along coastal gravel road from Jelsa towards Vrboska and than on an old road towards Stari Grad. Stari Grad is one of Croatia's oldest towns dating back to 384BC when it was a Greek colony called Faros.
Riding bicycle around the Stari Grad will offer you the chance to learn about long and turbulent history of this area. After exploring town, return back to Jelsa. Overnight stay in Jelsa.
Altitude: 350 m
Distance: 26 km
Level of difficulty: Moderate
TEerrain: Asphalt, macadam
Activity time: 4 Hours
Meals onboard: Breakfast and lunch

Discover narrow stone paved streets and mountain paths carved in Dalmatian karst.
Makarska is a small town situated on the Adratic coastline at the south of Cratia, about 60 km southeast of Split, a picturesque gem nestled between the mountain of Biokovo and the Adriatic Sea.
In the morning, we set sail from Hvar to the island of Brac, to a place called Bol. The town is famous for its beach ZLATNI RAT (GOLDEN HORN), a natural phenomenon on the southern coast of the island. Another sandy beach, Bol, is situated one mile away from the village of Bol with a view of the highest mountain on any of the Adriatic islands, Vidova Gora (780 meters above the sea level).
We will have the opportunity to bike along coast from village of Bol towards the Golden Horn beach. Altitude: 50 m
Distance: 7 km
Level of difficulty: Moderate
Terrain: Asphalt
Activity time: 1,5 Hours
In the afternoon the ship continues to the Makarska Riviera, to its centre, the city of Makarska. Our biking tour will start from Makarska along coast towards beautiful bay of Tucepi. After short break in Tucepi we will head back towards Makarska. Overnight stay in Makarska.
Altitude: 50 m
Distance: 14 km
Level of difficulty: Moderate
Terrain: Asphalt
Activity time: 3 Hours
Meals onboard: Breakfast and lunch

Discover the ancient Greek colony “Melaina Corcyra”
Island of Korcula is one of the most inhabited islands in the Adriatic Sea. Situated in central Dalmatian archipelago it is separated from the Pelješac peninsula by a narrow strait. According to the legend this beautiful island was founded by Trojan hero Antenor in the 12th century BC.
After breakfast the ship will sail out east, around the island of Hvar (its east end) and in the afternoon you’ll reach the straight of Pelješac and the town of Korcula,supposedly the birthplace of Marco Polo. Located on a small headland with Venetian architecture, defensive walls and attractive pan tiled roofs, Korcula often evokes memories of Dubrovnik.
After the lunch our biking tour starts from the village of Racišce towards small village of Medvidnjak . Afterwards your bike trail will lead you towards s small village of Lumbarda. Along your route you will enjoy the beautiful scenery of old stone houses and rich vegetation.With Korcula's dense woodland and aromatic Mediterranean plants, it’s hard not to imagine you are in some latterday Garden of Eden.
Lumbarda is small fishermen's village of around 1200 inhabitants. It is situated at the eastern part of Island of Korcula. The village is built around small bay and on the hills behind it, and is surrounded by large sandy vineyards. Enjoy some time at leisure to explore the area or take a dip in the refreshing Adriatic Sea. We will cycle through numerous picturesque parts of Korcula island and then return to the port. Overnight stay in Korcula.
Altitude: 150 m
Distance: 25 km
Level of difficulty: Moderate
Terrain: Asphalt
Activity time: 4 Hours
Meals onboard: Breakfast and lunch

The Peljesac peninsula is situated in southern Dalmatia between the Bay of Neretva to the north, the Bay of Mali Ston to the east, the Mljet channel to the south and the Peljesac channel to the west.
Peljesac is the second largest peninsula in Croatia spanning from the east side and the city of Ston to the top of the Loviste cap. The peninsula is famous for its vineyards and cellars, and especially for its red wines Dingac and Postup (named after the slopes on the southern side of the peninsula).
In the morning with narrow asphalt road our biking tour will start from the small beautiful village of Trstenik and continue towards picturesque village of Zuljana. Along with scenic road loacated by the seaside you will pass by old vineyards and cute bays.
After arriving in bay of Zuljana with macadam roads the bicycle tour will continue to the beautiful bay of Vucine and pebbly beach, where you can swim and enjoy in the clear blue sea. Through hidden uninhabited villages of Racici, Pivcici and Jeici we will return back to the port of Trstenik. In the late afternoon we will continue to the port of Slano. Overnight stay.
Altitude: 100 m
Distance: 16 km
Level of difficulty: Moderate
Terrain: Asphalt, macadam
Activity time: 3 Hours
Meals onboard: Breakfast and lunch

This will be our disembarkation day. After breakfast departure from Slano for all clients with morning flights.
Than the boat sails from Slano to Lopud Island for a swim break. After break we sail below the mighty city walls of the Old Town and by the magical Lokrum Island to the Port of Gruz for other individual departures.
We hope that you will bring back home plenty of nice memories from our Pearls of the South Adriatic cruise and we will wish you a nice journey.
Meals onboard: Breakfast

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