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Ship: Harmony G

Language: English
Passeng. Cap.: 46
Engine:2x680kWa Cummins
Ship Speed: 11 knots
Max. Speed: 13 knots
Length: 54 m
Beam: 7,10 m
Draft: 3,6 m

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Lost Empires - Athens to Venice

Greece, Albany, Montenegro, Croatia, Slovenia and Italy aboard Harmony G

Come with us to some of the greatest ancient sites and some of the most beautiful coastal regions in the world as we make our way from Athens around the Peloponnese to the Dalmatian Coast aboard the MV Harmony.
Our journey is perfectly timed to take advantage of the gentle temperatures and enjoy the islands and coast at their springtime best. Wild flowers, lush scenery and an absence of high summer crowds all contribute to make this a memorable journey.

From Athens, we will head west to the Pelopennese peninsula for a visit to enchanting Monemvasia and then continue around the peninsula to Nafplion. By way of the Corinth Canal we will then make for the Ionian Sea and the ancient wonders of Southern Albania.
From here we begin our northward journey along the stunning Adriatic coast,making calls in some fascinating ports such as Montenegro’s Kotor Fjord, the historic wonders of Dubrovnik and the delightful town of Hvar.
This variety of ports is certainly one of our most fascinating itineraries combining as it does some ‘must see’ sites together with little known and rarely visited places that are perfectly suited for the MV Harmony. This delightful 44-passenger vessel allows us to dock in smaller ports, explore ashore in small groups and enjoy the peace and space on deck as we explore the turquoise waters of the Adriatic.

Embarkation. Sail this evening.

Monemvasia is unique amongst ruined medieval cities. The whole castle city is built on a rock that from the mainland appears to be barren, but once one enters the castle, they are duly impressed by the walls and remains. We begin our tour with a walk through the narrow streets within the castle, observing the Byzantine churches, including the church of Christ Elkomenos (chained to the Cross). Today this serves as the cathedral and dates back to the 13th AD with alterations made during the Venetian occupation. Four surviving ancient Byzantine icons are on display. Once at the top of the castle, the view of the sea and the houses of the lower town offer a sight that is something quite memorable.

Looking out across the translucent water of the bay towards the ArcadianMountains, Nafplion’s sheltered location below a rocky headland and large natural fortress crowned by a Venetian castle is perhaps unrivaled in Greece. Fromhere you will enjoy a scenic drive through the Argos Plain, once ruled by Agamemnon, conqueror of Troy, to the famous citadel ofMycenae. High above the confluence of two boulder-strewn ravines,Mycenae is entered by way of the Lion Gate. Once inside the gate, we will explore the Royal Palace, the shaft graves and the remains of the city walls. An archeological briefing within the Treasury of Artreus (also known as the Tomb of Agamemnon) will add to our understanding and appreciation of the sights. Return to the MV Harmony for lunch and enjoy a free afternoon to wander the twisting labyrinthine streets and view the Venetian and Turkish architecture in Nafplion.

The early risers can enjoy the transit of the Corinth Canal before breakfast. Later thismorning we will dock at Itea and fromhere depart on an excursion to the sacred site of Delphi, one of Greece’smost important sites of antiquity. The ruins here are exceptional.We will explore the Sanctuary of Apollo, site of the sacred Delphic oracle, and walk along Delphi’s SacredWay, visiting the Treasury of the Athenians and the 5,000-seat theatre dating fromthe fourth century B.C.

Awake thismorning in one of themost legendary of all Greek islands, Ithaca. This jewel of the Ionian Sea is unspoiled by tourism, yet has a fascinating history. Relics date back to 4000 B.C. and byMycenaean times it was the capital of a kingdomthat included surrounding islands and part of the Peloponnese coast. It was under Odysseus that this kingdomreached its zenith, sending 12 ships to the TrojanWar. Fromthe charming port of Vathy we will explore the island including the ruins of Stavros and themedieval capital of Perachori with its Byzantine and Venetian architecture. Sail over lunch to Kefalonia where, fromthe port of Fiscardo we will take the chance to visit one of the local vineyards for a wine tasting of the local Robala variety. Return to Fiscardo and enjoy free time to explore the picturesque harbour village and perhaps enjoy a pre-dinner drink in a local taverna before sailing in the early evening.

Today join an excursion to the archaeological site and ancient city of Butrint, a UNESCOWorld Heritage Site. Explore the ruins that feature the remains ofmany eras and cultures. Fromthe Hellenistic period there are temples, the promenade and the 4th century B.C. theatre. Fromthe Roman era are the public baths, gymnasiumand fountains. Fromthe Byzantine era we see chapels and the large Basilica of St Peter and St Paul, and the Venetians are represented by a watchtower and a small castle with commanding views over the Straits of Corfu.

In the latemorning we enter the Gulf of Kotor and sail up the fjord-like entrance to themedieval town and UNESCOWorld Heritage Site of Kotor. This really is an extraordinary place full of marvellous architecture and pretty town squares. Our guided tour will include St Tryphon - the 12th century cathedral, the ancient town gates, theMaritimeMuseumand Romanesque churches including St Luke’s. After lunch on board either explore the city further independently or join the optional excursion to Budva, one of the oldest settlements on the Adriatic Coast. Our tour will include the archaeologicalmuseum, the Citadel and St Trinity Church built in 1804 and a fine example of Baroque art.

Awake thismorning in Dubrovnik. The walled city is a breathtaking sight and itsmany historic and cultural treasures have earned it the designation as a UNESCOWorld Heritage Site. This morning our local guides will lead us through the bustling old town taking in the beautiful civic building, amonastery, old pharmacy and the city walls. This afternoon is free for further exploration.

Day 9 - HVAR & SPLIT
This morning we arrive in Hvar. Sailing into the harbour, you are greeted by an impressive sight with the town’s elegant Renaissance churches and old stone buildings forming three sides of a picturesque harbour. Explore the old town, starting in themain square which is the largest piazza in Dalmatia, the cathedral and the palatial quarter of Grad and themore humble residential area of Burg. Not to be missed is the 400 year old painting of the Last Supper that hangs in the FranciscanMonastery where it has resided since first being painted. Sail during lunch to city of Split in the heart of Dalmatia. There will be an excursion to the imposing Palace of Diocletian, one of the last imperial residences of the Roman Era. Under your own steamexplore the old town, a vast open-airmuseum,made all themore interesting by the activity of everyday life.

After a leisurely morning at sea, cruising through the extraordinarily beautiful ‘Thousand Islands’, we will reach Zadar. Enjoy an afternoon’s guided tour strolling around the old town with its Roman columns and portals, Romanesque churches and Renaissance and Baroque palaces. Of particular interest are the 9th century circular Church of St Donatus and the 13th century Romanesque cathedral. This is a delightful place to spend a relaxing few hours and perhaps try the local specialty, amaraschino cherry liqueur.

Enjoy a relaxingmorning at sea arriving in Kopar at lunchtime. This afternoon wemake our way to Piran. Sitting pretty at the tip of a narrow peninsula, Piran is everyone’s favourite place on the Slovenian coast. It is a gemof a place with Venetian Gothic architecture and tiny narrow streets. Join the guided tour through the old town including the Venetian House and the Baroque and Renaissance St Georges Church. With your free time, call into the excellentMaritime Museumor the beautiful Franciscanmonastery.

Day 12 - VENICE
Disembark after breakfast and transfer to the airport.

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