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Ship info

Ship statistics

Nationality of Officers: Croatian
Nationality of Crew: Croatian

Official Language:English
Passenger Capacity: 38
Ship Speed: 8,5 knots
Sun deck: 100 m2
Length: 32 m
Beam: 7,60 m


Cabin information

M/S Eden is equipped with 19 Double and Twin passenger cabins situated on three decks and accommodating up to 38 passengers.
Each cabin has a cupboard, cabinet, window and private ensuite.Bathrooms are equipped with a shower area, toilet with a wash basin, mirror and a porthole.
The cabins are apx. 5,6 square meters in size with an additional shower/toilet area measuring 2,5 square meters.

Upper Deck
4 TWIN cabins
2 DOUBLE cabins

Main Deck
1 TWIN cabin 
2 DOUBLE cabins
2 DOUBLE cabins + extra bed

Lower Deck:
4 TWIN cabins
2 DOUBLE cabins
2 DOUBLE cabins  + extra bed